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Be a better programmer.

We don't take the time to study the code written by the masters. I have absolutely no idea how vim works, neither do I know all the magic that goes behind Rails, or how Coffeescript is written in Coffeescript and Rubinus is written in Ruby ... You get the idea.

CodeRippa is my attempt to make source code reading a more pleasurable experience, and help programmers get better at their craft.


PDF Bookmarks

The resulting PDF has a table of contents that reflects the directory structure of the project folder. Bookmarks


Choose from over 30+ TextMate themes: Cobalt, Mac Classic, Sunburst, Twilight, VibrantInk ... Syntax

Language Support

Actionscript, Bash, C, Erlang, Haskell, Ruby, Python, Prolog ... CodeRippa can handle it all. Polyglot

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